What is a Medicare Supplement?

Medicare Supplements, also known as Medigap policies, are sold by private insurance companies to help you cover the out-of-pocket costs left behind by Medicare.

When you have a Medigap policy, Medicare pays up to its limit on your medical expenses, Then your Medicare Supplement plan starts to help with covering costs up to the plans limit. Limits usually cover what Medicare does not, however coverages will be dependent your plan selection.

What do Medicare Supplements cover?

Original Medicare only covers 80% of your Part B expenses. The other 20% comes out of your pocket if you do not have a Medicare Supplement policy also referred to as Medigap. Medicare alone has no cap on your annual "MOOP" Maximum Out Of Pocket costs. If you were to have a lengthy stay in a hospital or expensive treatments at outpatient facilities, you risk having to cover that additional 20% could become a devastating hardship to so many who now live on a fixed income & need to protect their savings.

The correct Medicare Supplement plan can cover the 20% Medicare would normally bill you for, essentially what this means is, you have the comforting option to transfer this financial liability to an insurance company by paying only a monthly premium.

The correct plan choice can give you peace of mind & transform original Medicare in to 100% coverage for Medicare allowable expenses. If you are entitled to no cost Part A & B Medicare, Your only required costs will be paying your Part B deductible, Medigap supplement premiums.

Note: Medicare & Medicare supplements only cover Medicare allowable charges & expenses.

What's not covered by Medicare Supplement Plans?

Products & Services normally not covered by Original Medicare or most Medicare Supplement plans: Note ...It is important to do a yearly review of your Supplement plan because plans continue to evolve.

Policy Pathways can offer Medigap supplement plans that now offer discount programs for some of the important care items listed below or allow us to find a dental, vision, hearing insurance plan that can offer a higher level of benefits.

  • Routine dental, vision, and hearing exams
  • Hearing aid benefits
  • Eyeglasses & contact lens benefits
  • Long-term care or custodial care
  • Retail OTC prescription drug benefits

Which Medigap Plans Can I Choose From?

Plans highlighted in green are the nations 3 most popular Medicare (Medigap) Supplement plans.

Blue & Green 'CHECK MARKS" = 100% coverage, Deductibles & Limits may apply.

*Plans C, F and HDF

Plan C and F are not available to anyone newly eligible for Medicare on or after Jan. 1, 2020, Anyone eligible for Medicare prior to this date may still purchase a Plan C or F or High deductible plan F (HDF) after this date.

*Plans G and HDG

Plan G is offered in a zero-deductible plan or a high deductible plan (HDG). Plan HDG has a yearly deductible that may change yearly. Please consult your representative to understand how the deductible plan works.

*Plans K and L

Plans K and L require a coinsurance share up to a maximum-out-of-pocket before the plan pays 100% for covered services. Services that are not covered in the plan do not count towards the maximum-out-of-pocket.

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